To the persons 'unknown' calling themselves "Bod Boulton", "Robert Alfred Murry", "bodhisattva", "The Borg Organization", etc., etc., etc.

To those who, unable to build, only seek to destroy

This is my personal reply to those who maliciously and with a vindictiveness unworthy of the Martial Arts and the ancient art of Kempo (Chuan Fa, Okinawan karate) attack Shifu Nagaboshi Tomio and the Mushindo Kempo Association.

Nagaboshi, the author of "The Bodhisattva Warriors", is an eminent Buddhist and Martial Arts scholar and teacher of authentic Okinawan karate and himself an accomplished Budoka.

He has dedicated his entire life to teach Buddhism and Buddhist Martial Arts freely and at no gain to himself.

In a dispute of personal nature, motivated by jealousy, spite and sheer stupidity, two evicted members of the Mushindo Kempo Association launched a dirty campaign of lies, false accusations and libel hiding in the anonymity of the Internet.

In their blind obsession they extended their attacks to all organizations Nagaboshi has been connected with and to their members. As one of those members unjustly attacked , I now respond...

I am a Mushindo blackbelt with 40 years of study, practice and teaching experience in the arts of Budo. I trained in Japan and other countries. I have known and studied with Shifu Nagaboshi for longer than either of you have. Unlike you, I know what I'm talking about.

I'm compelled to respond to these vicious attacks not only to defend a good teacher and the organization I belong to, but also because a great injustice has been made and it has to be righted.


First let's examine how these people act....

hiding under assumed names